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Monolog Hati
Mengusik kenangan...
Thursday, September 03, 2009 "simpan dalam dalam di hati mu "aku sangat dan sentiasa sayang pada mu" Satu ketika mesej yang diberi penumpang hati ku.. Aku masih simpan rasa ini.. Valid lagikah apa yg kusimpan ini?? Allah begini ujian Mu ditengah perjalanan sebelum tiba angka 16 tahun usia sinambungan... Sungguh aku rindu! Allah... bawa tenang pada jiwa ini... tolonglah ya Allah....

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, May 2, 2016. Chaos and violence continue, the shock from the breach of the Green Zone continues, US policy towards Iraq needs to be seriously examined, and much more. William Rivers Pitt (TRUTHOUT) observes: Here we are just about two years later, and US soldiers wearing boots are on the ground in Iraq and Syria. The Green Zone in Baghdad has been stormed. The latest US deployments are small, but floods always start with a drip. About 217 US soldiers have been sent to Iraq to augment the more than 4,000 troops already there, along with an additional 250 sent to the urban death zone that is Syria. They're going to a place where hospitals are deliberately destroyed; a medical facility in Aleppo was recently obliterated in an airstrike, killing 14 people. The US blamed the Syrian government, the Syrians and Russians blamed the US, and the dead lie still. "We see a continual escalation with the now 250 additional... (more)

Youobd2 blog
mb movie star das sds (movie star analysis system)

MB Star Diagnosis C4 state is niagra matter is actually AMAZING. imho essential obtain for any modern mb owner. up to now I’ve transformed that alarm chirp to netherlands, activated firing brake equipment and lighting within weighty braking, in addition to below of that temp that supporter occurs twelve degrees. VISIT OBTAIN ONE PARTICULAR MB MOVIE STAR SDS C4 Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Next segments tend to be just what Used to do by using SDS (MOVIE STAR Analysis System): Adobe flash backed brake equipment and lighting within freak out braking: Manage units> Body> backed SAM> Manage System Adaptations> Firing Brake> Productive Chirp about lock/unlock Manage Products with regard to several items>Body> Manage System Adaptations> Security/Alarm> Country's ATA> Choose Netherlands Fan-on temp lower Manage Units> Drive> Engine> Manage System Adaptations> Correction Programming> Suction Fan> Temp increase to potential regarding twelve degrees C. Decreasing... (more)

mencandu baunya
Hidung gw masih mencari-cari bau Roy. Mencandu baunya.

Locksmith Boise
NorthWest Locksmith Boise on Show Me Local

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